Three Tips You Can Use to Get the Most Out Of Your Air Filtration

by | Feb 24, 2022 | Air Quality Control System

Air purification can go a long way towards making your home more comfortable. On top of that, it will make your home a healthier place to be. Have you considered an air filter system for your home? Air filter systems are a great way to supplement what your HVAC system does for your home. Here are some tips you can use to make these portable devices work better for you.

1. Keep Windows Sealed – Make sure your windows are sealed in your home. This will prevent your air filter systems from having to work much harder than it has to. It is good to get some fresh air in your home, of course, but try to have your windows and doors closed if your air purifier is running.

2. Keep It Away From the Wall – Don’t place your air filtration device too close to the wall. It has vents, so it needs some space on each side and above to properly function. This is why you should also avoid placing these devices under tables or desks.

3. Replace Your Filter – Make sure you replace the air filters in the system on a regular basis. It’s hard to clean air properly when it is being passed through a filter that is clogged with dirt and debris, so make sure you have fresh filters.

If you follow these three tips, you are sure to get the most out of your air purification system possible. Air Clear, LLC can help you with cleaning the air in your home. Find out how they can help you by visiting their website at

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