What Should Everyone Know About Industrial Air Pollution Control

by | Jan 16, 2023 | Air Quality Control System

Industrial Air Pollution Control

Industrial air pollution control is required to comply with regulations. Otherwise, your industrial plant would emit more pollutants than necessary. Air pollution control products fall into various categories. However, a catalytic oxidizer can eliminate a ton of the pollution your plant is emitting.

Air Pollution Control Products

Compared to a thermal oxidizer, a catalytic oxidizer requires less than half the heat. Typically, they can operate at 500 F to 600 F. For that reason, they are implemented in low-temp situations.

A catalytic oxidizer can substantially reduce fuel expenses and material costs. Moreover, the addition of a recuperative heat exchanger can boost efficiency further. In autocatalytic systems, there is no need for external fuels.

Here are some of the company’s claims about catalytic systems:

  • 99.9% Efficiency With 50% Less Energy Used
  • Lower Operating Temperatures
  • Lessened NOx Output

Filter Bed Collection Systems

Using a filter bed can be the most effective way to capture hazardous air pollutants. These systems utilize three processes to capture and discharge pollution:

  • Impaction
  • Interception
  • Brownian Diffusion

For interception to occur, particles should be in the one to three-micron range. These particles possess less momentum, following the air stream typically. Particles of this size will deviate, graze the filter bed, and become trapped. Then, the system can remove them from circulation.

Brownian diffusion is sufficient for particles of one micron in size. They follow the air stream as it cools down and coalesces. Then, impaction removes them from the air stream, and cleaners can sterilize them.

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