Three Reasons to Consider Teak Decking for Your Boat in Charleston, SC

by | Mar 11, 2022 | Boat Accessories

Does your boat need a new deck? From treated or marine-grade plywood to vinyl and aluminum, there are many choices of material available. However, teak is one decking material that stands above the rest. Whether you’re purchasing a new boat or refurbishing an older model, here are three reasons to consider teak decking.

Safe and Comfortable

The best thing about teak is its non-slip and non-skid surface. You never have to worry about slipping and falling regardless of how much water has come onto the deck. They are also resistant to heat, so you won’t burn your feet even on the hottest summer day.

Resists Moisture

Another thing you never have to worry about with teak decking is mold and mildew. Teak is moisture-resistant and perfect for sailing in humid, rainy climates or rough waters.

Beautiful, Classic Look

If you want a deck that will catch eyes and turns heads, teak is for you. There is nothing more classically beautiful than the warm, welcoming surface of a teak deck. Choosing teak can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to your boat’s value.

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