An Affordable and Maintenance-Free Teak-Decking Alternative in Awendaw, SC

by | Apr 21, 2021 | Boat Accessories

Real wood is a premier material for bringing a sense of luxury, validity and true value to a boat’s decking. At the same time, the costs will match, especially for teak. And, real wood proposes a higher-maintenance choice for water-going vessels. However, boat owners today have a viable alternative in synthetic teak, which offers a matching appearance without a high level of maintenance or costs.

Why Synthetic Teak Is a Better Alternative

There are several aspects of simulated teak flooring that make it a preferred option for many boat owners:

  • Natural aesthetics – Though real teak has been a historical top selection for boats because of its grain, rich tones and durability, it’s come into less use due a matching aesthetic appeal found in simulated teak.
  • Less expensive – Real teak has a high price tag and represents higher maintenance costs where synthetic teak offers the luxurious appeal without the major costs.
  • Non-skid – The cushioned consistency can also provide for a non-skid deck that not only makes walking safer but also creates a softer surface.
  • A cushioned step – Travel over water can be a bit choppy and abrupt for legs and joints on a long day out. Foam-based teak flooring, however, offers a shock-absorbing cushioned feel that eases the impact.
  • Holds less heat – While fiberglass would seem like a viable low-cost alternative to real wood, it heats up easily. Synthetic teak flooring, however, helps keep the heat level down.
  • No maintenance – Teakwood is more resistant to marine environments and moisture than other wood types, but it still requires a certain amount of maintenance to prevent deterioration. Synthetic teak, on the other hand, can continue to look new with nearly zero maintenance.

To find out how a simulated teak decking in the form of 3M UV and PSA-protected PE/EVA foam with a 3-year warranty can give a boat the classic look of a wood surface, contact DEKit at (833) 335-4848 or online at Sitename today.

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