Tree Removal in Aurora CO may be necessary when a tree is damaged by a storm, begins to deteriorate, or becomes unstable for any reason. Those trees can pose a potentially hazardous situation if they ever fall during windy conditions. In some cases, property owners want trees removed for aesthetic purposes or because those trees are located in inconvenient places. Expert service technicians can complete a variety of projects related to tree removal in Aurora CO when they arrive to remove a tree.

In many instances, homeowners can use the wood from downed trees and don’t want it hauled away. They might like to have the technicians saw the wood into manageable pieces so they can use it in a wood stove, fireplace, or backyard fire pit, for example. Before scheduling an appointment, homeowners should ask whether the technicians do log splitting as an extra service. That can save the homeowners a lot of work if they would just as soon pay a reasonable fee for the task. Otherwise, the technicians will use a chainsaw to cut the wood so it can be split later.

A Tree Removal in Aurora CO service typically includes stump grinding as well if the property owner requests it. Some individuals want to keep the stump and use it for purposes such as placing a flower planter on for a rustic look. However, arborists usually recommend having the stump removed. It can attract insects, including ants and yellow jackets, that seek dead wood for nesting. It also can continue to send out root growth and send up shoots that must continually be cut down before they rapidly grow into large suckers.

When trees are brought down, they typically have a lot of small branches in addition to the large limbs and the trunk. This could be viewed as useless brush, but it also could be useful for wood chips for gardening and around trees. Wood chips make soft, but sturdy, pathways through a yard or between gardens. Some of it could be added to compost for natural fertilizer in gardening. A company such as Ironwood Earthcare does this type of work for property owners who would just as soon keep the material from the downed tree.

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