Types of Events That Go Better With A Jazz Vocalist

by | Sep 10, 2020 | Arts and Recreation

For many events, you may think that getting a DJ or band to play the latest hits would be the best way to go. But, that often alienates many of your guests and make your event blend in with many others. Instead, you can provide your guests with jazz selections that are pleasing to various personalities. Here are the types of events that will go better with a jazz vocalist.

Business Events

No matter what type of corporate event you are throwing, jazz music can be quite impressive. You can use jazz vocalists to provide background music as your guest mingle and network. Or, jazz performers can keep guests entertained as they dine or have cocktails. You don’t have to worry that an inappropriate lyric would make someone uncomfortable. Because of the universal appeal, everyone from the mailroom to the board of trustees will be pleased.


Most brides want a wedding that is different from what their friends and family members have had. They may pick different colors, flowers, and dresses, but the music is a great way to stand out also. Instead of going with the traditional songs you would hear at a wedding, they can choose jazz vocalists instead. That way, guests can have an engaging yet unique way of celebrating a very special day.

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