Why Residential Window Replacement in Novato CA Is a Good Investment

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Window Installation Service

Like most homeowners, Novato CA citizens often keep original home windows decades longer than they should, often because they do not realize the benefits of replacing them. Many have no idea that experts like Liberty Windows & Siding, Inc can provide replacements that substantially increase home beauty and value. New windows are also more energy efficient. In addition, Window Replacement in Novato CA is an opportunity to identify and correct damages.

New Windows Increase Property Values

Window Replacement in Novato CA increases curb appeal and can make properties easier to sell. Studies show that simply replacing standard windows for low-maintenance vinyl provides as much as a 77% return on investment. Homeowners can maximize their investments by changing window styles and sizes. For example, they might exchange dated crank-open jalousie windows for sleek, modern side-sliding styles. Contractors can also change the size of window openings. They can turn a bank of smaller windows into a large bay window or create a larger opening for a custom style.

Replacing Windows Often Fixes Problems

Window replacement also benefits homeowners because it is a chance to find and correct problems. For instance, installers will identify warped or cracked frames. That is critical, since frames play a big part in window performance and damages can contribute to heat loss. Professionals might also suggest upgrading single-pane windows for double or triple-paned styles that add insulation and block infrared rays. New windows are also more durable than older ones and materials like vinyl never need scraping, sanding and painting to stay beautiful.

Updated Windows Can Lower Energy Bills

The average home loses about 38% of its heat through doors and windows and single-pane windows can cause losses as high as 50%. Replacing single-pane styles with Energy Star rated models can save homeowners as much as $465 per year. They save about $100 per year when replacing double-paned windows. New energy-efficient windows can also entitle homeowners to tax credits as high as 10% of product costs, up to $500.

Homeowners who replace their windows add instant beauty, value and curb appeal. The project also allows them to correct problems like damaged frames. In addition, new energy-efficient windows can help lower utility bills and qualify homeowners for tax credits. Go to site for more information.

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