What is an Artisan made product?

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Artists

Artisan products can also be traditional artwork such as paintings and drawings as well as journals, candles, cosmetics, and toys. Anything that is handcrafted with care is an artisan product.

Artists’ creations are handmade and often completely unique with some cultural significance. They have a real personal touch, as well as being of extremely high quality and excellent materials and attention to detail.

Artisans should be respected for their craft and obviously need a livable, fair wage to be able to continue their work. The purchase of an artist’s product is a way to show your support for the artisan and their work.

The benefits of artisan products

The purchase of artisan goods has a number of positive effects on local communities such as Cincinnati and Covington local artists. In addition to providing support to an ethical supply chain and making sure that items are of high quality, it also supports the tradition of skilled work.

Skilled artisans are too often being replaced with machines that use lots of materials and energy in the mass production of products. The purchase of artisan products ensures that those skills and traditions are able to keep going while also ensuring the art and the personality behind them remain an essential part of everyday life, and those handmade goods will continue to be available for purchase at a reasonable price.

Giving support to artists also supports small businesses such as Purple Paisley Artisan Shop and demonstrates that consumers care about where our products come from.

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