The Unique Characteristics of a Contemporary Church That Are Worth Noting

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Church

In the world of church, there are many different distinctions that can be made. Location, size, denomination, age, and other characteristics are all different ways various churches can be grouped together to better understand what makes those churches unique.

One distinction that’s commonly made is between “traditional” and “contemporary” churches. While searching for contemporary churches in Jacksonville keep in mind the great communities of faith and unique characteristics that are worth noting. Here are a few of them.


One unique characteristic of contemporary churches is they tend to be more multi-generational than churches exhibiting more traditional characteristics. This is because contemporary churches in Jacksonville tend to attract young families in larger numbers, while still attracting people in other life stages, as well. On the other hand, traditional churches tend to attract more seniors and struggle to attract young families, leading to many traditional churches becoming mono-generational bodies.

More Laid Back

Another unique characteristic of contemporary churches is that they tend to be more laid back than traditional churches. Not that they’re laid back or lazy about the scriptures, but that they’re laid back about how people dress and relate to one another when they’re at church.

While both approaches are certainly valid, a more laid back approach tends to assume the simple fact that a person is with the church is enough, while a more traditional church might assume that a person needs to look their best in order to best worship God. Obviously, these characteristics aren’t true of all contemporary or traditional churches.

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