Oil Drops in Chatham-Kent Are Changing the Way People Consume Cannabis

by | May 24, 2021 | Business

As more people in Chatham, ON take advantage of legal cannabis products, naturally, there are questions. Many of these questions revolve around the different types of cannabis products available in Chatham.

When most people think of cannabis, they automatically think of smoking bud, and cannabis flower for smoking is certainly available. In fact, you can find many designer strains with clever names, such as Hawaii Heartbreak, MK Ultra, and Cold Creek Kush. The descriptions of cannabis flower often read like a gourmet wine menu, breaking down the flower, aroma, and effect.

However, while smoking cannabis in Ontario is legal, it is still sometimes frowned upon. Also, despite the reputed health benefits of cannabis, smoking weed is hard on your throat and lungs. This is where cannabis oils and edibles come in.

If you cannot tolerate smoking, or live around people who do not, oils and edibles can deliver the same effect. Oils and edibles also deliver the same high without the smoke, odor, or harm to your throat and lungs.

Cannabis oils, also used to create edibles, can be used under the tongue. Cannabis Drops Marijuana Treatment In Chatham-Kent are readily available. You can also add cannabis oil drops into foods and beverages to create your own edibles.

If you decide to try cannabis oil, start with just a drop or two under your tongue. Wait at least half an hour to feel the effect. Then, adjust your dosage from there.


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