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by | Dec 12, 2023 | Funeral

Mentor Families typically turn to local funeral homes for help immediately after the death of a family member. Most expect, and get, professionals who help them make dozens of decisions. However, funerals home often do much more than that. Professional funeral home in Mentor OH help clients create services that reflect the lives of those they lost. Experts also customize burials, cremations, celebrations of life services, and pre-need planning.

Pre-Planning Is a Caring Option

Sick and elderly clients often want to arrange their own funerals to spare their families dozens of hard decisions. Many also pre-pay so that survivors are not burdened with funeral expenses. Even younger, healthier people are now making pre-need arrangements, usually as a financial investment. They can choose exactly the services they want and then pay for them at today’s prices. Regardless of when death occurs, their costs do not increase. Some customers also coordinate their own services so they will get the funerals they want. This is typical when families disagree with their choices.

Funeral Homes Customize Choices

When clients need help immediately after a death, funeral directors are sensitive to their feelings. They gently explain the next steps and determine what their clients’ wishes are. If families want traditional services and burials, staff members can arrange embalming, visitation, transportation, and burial. They typically provide products and services in a variety of price ranges, and families may even provide their own caskets as long as they meet regulations. Funeral directions also offer several cremation options. Clients can choose anything from basic cremation with a few family members present to complete services and viewings followed by cremation.

Professionals Help Clients Celebrate Lives

Funeral directors are ready to arrange almost any type of memorial, including celebrations of life. In fact, many now include specialists who can arrange memorials that include photos and memorabilia reflecting the lives of the deceased. Celebration of Life experts design gatherings that allow families and friends to begin the healing process.

Today’s funeral home in Mentor OH offer services that meet pre-planning and immediate needs. They help clients arrange and pay for their own funerals and sensitively guide families as they design custom services. Specialists can also coordinate dignified gatherings that help mourners celebrate lost lives. For more information visit Monreal Funeral Home.

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