Describing the Rental Process for Floor Scrubbers and Used Forklifts

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Equipment Rental

Industrial plant managers require floor scrubbers to make sure the floors stay clean. Fortunately, there are multiple models available online, so you can get one fast. In addition, they have been engineered with more than one fuel type. As a result, your industrial plant can count on versatile equipment.

Furthermore, they have cushion tires, which do not scratch the floors. Whether you need an all-electric or LP model, they are both available. Plus, if your budget is limited, the shop can buy a used scrubber and save.

Floor Scrubber Rental

Occasionally, plants only need equipment for a few days, so buying would not make sense. In that case, the rental process provides a simple solution for managers looking to save. Since the rental process is straightforward, it does not take long to complete. After providing model, height, and weight requirements, the supplier will share the units. Units range from classes 1-5 and have capacities up to 55,000 pounds. Consequently, a floor scrubber rental can address many needs, improving plant versatility.

Then, your team can review the available units and decide which to order. Afterward, an additional review is provided, and the company sends you a final quote. Once you have accepted the quote, they will ship the units to you in a couple of days.

Used Forklift

Sometimes, ordering a used forklift is the simplest solution for a facility. Companies can supply numerous models from name brands like Linde and Hoist. These used units can diversify a plant’s equipment line without costing too much.

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