When you look for a jewelry repair in Charleston SC, you should ask about the training of the repair and restoration specialist that will be working on your jewelry. Some stores will tell you that the person that can do simple repairs has been trained at a school. If you go to a high-end jewelry store, you will here a very different story. They will tell you that they have a Master Jewelry Repair and Restorations Specialist that will work on your jewelry. If you are bringing in antique, heirloom or just very expensive jewelry, this is exactly what you want to hear.

To become a Master Jewelry Repair and Restorations Specialist, the person must have graduated from a school and then become an apprentice to a master. For about 2 years the apprentice will work under the close supervision of the master. After the 2 years, the apprentice will become a journeyman, this means that they can work unsupervised on all but the most delicate of repairs and restorations. The Master Specialist will train and supervise the journeyman on the restorations and repair of antique and heirloom jewelry restoration until they are satisfied with the expertise of their journeyman, at which time they will reclassify them as a Master Jewelry Repair and Restorations Specialist. This means that they can be trusted to restore or repair all kinds of jewelry and they can also take on an apprentice to train as well.

If you have simple repairs like ring re-sizing, chain repairing, prong re-tipping or soldering, most jewelry stores can help you. If you want to have antique or jewelry that has been passed down through generations of your family, then you really only want a store that has a Master Jewelry Repair and Restorations Specialist available. It may take you some time to find a jewelry repair in Charleston Sc that meets this requirement, but the search will be well worth the time and effort that it takes.

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