An Online Kindergarten in California for Nomads With Young Children

by | Nov 23, 2023 | Education

The proliferation of remote work has led many men and women to adopt unconventional nomadic lifestyles. Even those with young children have discovered ways to make this a successful venture, including being sure the kids receive an excellent education. A good online kindergarten in California offers an ideal way to start elementary school while traveling in an RV or living in temporary homes.

The Earlier Trend

A trend for a nomadic lifestyle among retirees became relatively strong some decades ago. As opportunities for working remotely grew, younger adults became increasingly interested in working while traveling. They could spend time in various scenic places and regions.

A Turning Point

The COVID-19 pandemic that was declared in 2020 led to this becoming a definitive trend among young families as well. Many parents were wary of sending their children back to school. They were communicating with other parents in online forums about living in an RV or staying for several months in different short-term homes. An online kindergarten in California would help to ensure their youngsters began early education on the right track.

Learning Basic Skills

With an approved online curriculum, young children develop sound basic skills in subjects like reading, arithmetic, science, and social studies. Kids practice counting numbers, recognizing words, and learning to read simple sentences. They begin to identify a variety of animals, colors, vehicles, and more.

Combining Formal and Casual Activities

Parents can incorporate these formal lesson plans with more Casual daily activities. For instance, children practice counting while measuring baking ingredients into a bowl. Outdoors, they learn to identify various nuts and seeds while gathering them into piles and counting the numbers.

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